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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What should players look for when attempting to find a safe online casino site to play at?

    At last count there were well over 2,500 online casinos offering a variety of casino games. However as with all things in life the quality of these sites varies greatly. When attempting to find a safe online casino to play at players should look at a number of factors. These should include when the online casino was established, where they are licensed, whether the results of their games are audited in any way by a recognised third party, and the customer support options available to players. In particular players should also use Google to research the casino site. If there are bad reviews or the site is labelled as ‘blacklisted’ then the site should be avoided at all costs.Ideally players should be looking to play at sites that have a good reputation and that have been around for some time. In that way you are likely to avoid the ‘fly by night’ operators.

  2. Nearly all online casino sites appear to be offering bonuses. What are these bonuses and what should players watch out for?

    There are a huge array of bonuses available to players looking to play casino games online. The most typical casino bonus is the sign-up bonus, and this is offered by online casinos as a marketing tool to attract players to their site. Most bonuses these days tend to be ‘match’ bonuses, and when these are offered the casino typically matches the players deposit. So for example, a 100% match bonus up to $200 would mean that if the player deposited $200 then the casino would match it with a further $200. There are a number of factors that players need to be aware of when looking into online casino bonuses, and most of these relate to the actual terms and conditions of the bonus itself. (More on this below). As a general rule of thumb the old adage that ‘if it sounds too good to be true it probably is’ should be adhered to when looking at casino bonuses.

  3. What should players focus on when looking at the terms and conditions of an online casino bonus?

    Well, this naturally varies from online casino to online casino, but very generally players should focus on three factors. Firstly, the bonuses minimum wagering requirements, secondly exactly which casino games do and don’t count towards meeting the minimum wagering requirements, and finally what exactly a player needs to do in order to activate the bonus. Let’s take each of these is turn:

    (i) Minimum wagering requirement:

    Back in the days when online casinos first appeared, casino bonuses were relatively straight forward. However, sadly those days are long gone. These days there are complex terms and conditions related to any casino bonus. At the core of these bonuses is the minimum wagering requirement. It basically means how many time the deposit needs to be wagered before the player is permitted to make a withdrawal at the casino. So for example, a minimum wagering requirement of 25 times on a deposit of $200 would mean that the player would have to wager $5,000 before being allowed to withdraw any winnings.

    (ii) Games that count towards meeting the minimum wagering requirement:

    Not all casino games are considered equal when it comes to meeting the minimum wagering requirement. Some games count as 100% towards meeting the wagering requirement whilst a number of other games may only be 75% and in some cases do not count at all. The online casino should clearly state exactly which games count towards meeting the minimum wagering requirement in the bonuses terms and conditions.

    (iii) What do players need to do in order to activate an online casino bonus?

    Again this varies from casino site to casino site. At some sites bonuses are added automatically when you make the required deposit, at others you have to email the casino support team to ask them to activate the bonus and apply it to your account. As always the devil is in the detail and the casino site should specifically state what players need to do in the bonuses terms and conditions.

  4. I keep reading about the regulation of the online gambling industry. However, it all appears very confusing. What’s going on? A number of countries have attempted to regulate the online gambling market within their borders. So far it would be safe to say that this has had mixed success. In our opinion, the overall aim of any regulation should be to ensure that players are protected from unscrupulous operators, and that all marketing and promotion activity is clear and transparent. The European Union in particular has looked at the issue of regulation, but it appears that to date that it is being left to individual countries to attempt to address the issue of online gambling and any proposed legislation. However, according to an article published in the European Commission’s website (available here) it’s clear that the European Commission has launched investigations concerning online gambling frameworks in several EU countries.

    The real challenge here, for both governments and those involved in the online gambling industry is the cross-border nature of the internet. The seamlessness of the internet makes legislating and regulating online gambling on a country by country basis extremely challenging and confusing. A very interesting article on ‘Gambling with Regulation’ can be found in this excellent article from the European Journal of Law and Technology.

    The dramatic improvements in hardware technology are also challenging from a legislative and regulatory perspective. It wasn’t long ago that the concept of playing free slots games on your mobile phone was simply unimaginable. However, with improvements in smartphone technology, touchscreens and the rise of the tablet, gambling on mobile devices is fast becoming the norm. The question remains therefore, not whether legislation can be implemented to regulate online gambling, but rather whether regulation will be current given the length of time it takes to pass legislation and it become law. The real danger here is that legislation may not be able to keep pace with technological developments, particularly in an industry as dynamic and innovative as the online gambling industry.



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